Do you or a loved one suffer from Anxiety? Traditional medication not working or causing adverse side effects? Pennsylvania allows any patient who suffers from aGeneralized Anxiety Disorder to use Medical Marijuana as a treatment option. 

How to get Your Medical Marijuana Card for Anxiety

Pennsylvania has approved Anxiety as a recognized qualifying condition for the State Medical Marijuana Program. Getting your PA Medical Marijuana card is Simple!!

  • Contact Releaf Specialists for an appointment with a state approved Medical Marijuana Doctor
  • Send us proof of your valid diagnosis. Most information can be retrieved from your online health records. 
  • Register For the PA Medical Marijuana Program
  • Visit a Licensed Dispensary 

**Releaf Specialists is able to help any patient who has not been diagnosed by a Healthcare professional. We recognize some patients may use marijuana and "self medicate." We offer a FREE assessments to help you obtain Anxiety or PTSD diagnosis to become eligible for the medical marijuana program.

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