PTSD Assessment

PTSD Assessment (PA, OH & WV)

Releaf Specialists is able to help you obtain a PTSD diagnosis in order for you to get qualified for your Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or West Virginia. Complete our FREE assessment. If the completed assessment shows evidence of a positive diagnosis, and you elect to use the assessment findings as your clinical documentation, there is an additional service fee of $75 for physician diagnosis. 

Please also fill out our online "Contact Form" in order for us to quickly send you additional information about the appointment scheduling process.

Disclaimer: The applicant hereby agrees that he/she is willingly participating in the assessment process, and that this assessment is being utilized to collect data associated to a possible diagnosis of PTSD. The applicant agrees that responses provided are hereby considered true and accurate. The applicant agrees that he/she is in no way falsifying his/her responses. The applicant also hereby holds harmless Releaf Specialists associated to the outcome of the assessment.

PTSD Assessment

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