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Releaf Specialists Requirements
Free Record Review

Medical Marijuana Card or MMJ Certifications in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia

Do you suffer from ANXIETY or PTSD but have NO records?
Self-medicating and you want your card?

Releaf Specialists is able to help you obtain a Generalized Anxiety Disorder or PTSD diagnosis in order for you to get qualified for your Medical Marijuana Card. If you are unable to provide us documentation regarding your pre-existing anxiety and/or PTSD condition, or have NOT been diagnosed by a licensed practitioner, complete our FREE assessment. If the completed assessment shows evidence of a positive diagnosis, and you elect to use the assessment findings as your clinical documentation, there is an additional service fee of $50* for physician diagnosis. (Additional appointment certification fees apply)

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How to Renew your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card with Releaf Specialists

The PA Department of Health’s Medical Marijuana Program (PA DOH MMP) requires an updated or renewal certificate in order to continue your participation in the program. Releaf Specialists makes the process fast, easy, and simple.

1.  Contact Releaf Specialists within 60-days of your MMJ Card’s expiration date.

2.  Schedule an appointment that meets the needs of your busy calendar using either of the following options:

A.  Use the "SCHEDULE NOW" section to book your appointment using a CC/DEBIT;


B.  Speak to one of our "LIVE AGENTS" to book your appointment using CC/DEBIT over the phone or via an emailed invoice. (Same day appointment requires booking with a "LIVE AGENT".) 

3.  Receive appointment confirmation via email or text, and await contact from the MMJ Physician.


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How Do I Know if I Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card

How Do I Know if I Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card?

Releaf Specialists is a network of Certified Medical Marijuana Doctors in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. Our Doctors have been certified and licensed by the Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia's Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program, to make recommendations on behalf of patients who suffer with at least one of the qualifying conditions. Releaf Specialists is an industry leader in Medical Marijuana Card Certifications. We offer a broad range of cannabis or medical marijuana services geared toward addressing treatment options for illness and injuries. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff and Medical Marijuana Physicians will guide patients through options to develop a plan to best suit your needs, and assist with the medical marijuana certification requirements in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

Wondering how you apply for a Pennsylvania, Ohio, or West Virginia Medical Marijuana Card? Click HERE to find out! 


MMJ Cards From Home

How to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card From Home?

Whether you live in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or West Virginia, getting your medical marijuana card from home is quick and easy and Releaf Specialist can walk you through the process.

The PA, OH, and WV Department of Health have recently allowed Medical Marijuana Card Certifications, and renewals, to be conducted via telemedicine. Our Medical Marijuana Physicians are ready to review your medical history, certify, and answer any questions you may have over the telephone. Not sure if you qualify? We offer FREE medical record review to see if you qualify. All of this can be completed from the convenience of your home, by telephone, with no in person appointment required.

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Steps to Apply for Medical Marijuana Card

Steps to Apply for A Medical Marijuana Card in PA, Ohio, or WV

Follow these easy steps to obtain your Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia!

  • Contact us today via website or telephone
  • Register with the State MMJ Program
  • Get certified by our State APPROVED Medical Marijuana Physicians
  • Pay for your card
  • Visit a dispensary

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West Virginia Medical Marijuana Cards

Releaf Specialists is excited to now offer Medical Marijuana Card Certifications in West Virginia. If you are a West Virginia resident and suffer from 1 of the 15 qualifying medical conditions, then you are eligible for a medical marijuana card in WV. Even if you don't have medical records, Releaf Specialists can still help you obtain your medical marijuana card. Ask one of our representatives how we can schedule your appointment today!

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Ohio Medical Marijuana Cards

Releaf Specialists is excited to announce that we are now able to certify ALL Ohio residents looking to use Medical Marijuana! Releaf Specialists offers FREE record review to see if a patient is eligible. We also offer FREE assessments for any patient who is suffering from Anxiety or PTSD.  The cost of our NEW Ohio Certification is $150. Patients will receive three (3) 90-day refills for their certification, which means patients must be only seen ONCE a year! Cost for recertification is for a pre-existing Releaf Specialists patient is $100 for, $125 for new patients to Releaf Specialists seeking renewal.


Areas We Serve - Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia

Our Pennsylvania offices are located in Mount WashingtonRobinsonGreensburg, Monroeville, North Hills, Uniontown, Washington and serve the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Effective March 2020, all appointments are conducted via Telemedicine. 

Our Ohio office is located in East Liverpool, Ohio. During the COVID-19 pandemic all appointments are conducted via Telephone. 

Now providing certifications to residents in the State of West Virginia with telephone appointments!


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