Renewing Your Registration

Renewing Your Registration

March 06, 2020 by

At Releaf Specialists, renewing your registration for your Medical Marijuana Card is easy! 

In Pennsylvania, patients renew their medical card every year. You are not required to visit the same doctor as the first certification. An email will be sent out 60 days before your card expires, letting you know it’s time to renew.

Requirements to Renew Certification:

  1. Sign in to the Medical Marijuana Patient Registry to renew your registration and make a payment. 
  2. Schedule an appointment with Releaf Specialists. Visit one of our offices to update your physician certification. This appointment is typically shorter than your first visit. Once the physician has updated your certification, you'll receive an email letting you know your renewal is complete. 
  3. Your new card will typically be mailed out within 10 days. When you receive your new card, you will be asked to update your file at the dispensary. 

Renewing your registration in the Medical Marijuana Registry:

Sign in to the Medical Marijuana Patient Registry or click the link provided in your renewal email. 

Click on Profile Settings and review all of your information to make sure it matches exactly with your Driver’s License. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'save changes' button if you made any changes, and then click the 'profile settings' tab again. 

Click on Renew Registration and follow any prompts until your registration has been completed. You will receive an email letting you know this is done. 

Making a Payment:

30 days before payment is due, you’ll receive an email asking you to make the annual payment fee. This is done once every 12 months and you can pay before or after your patient certification with your doctor. Just be sure to pay it before your card expires to avoid any lapses. 

Log into your MMJ Patient Registry or click the link provided in the email from the state. On the top of the page, click “Make a Payment” and follow the prompts until your payment is complete. You will receive an email once your payment is received. 

Still have questions? Give us a call at 1-833-373-5323 and we can help! 

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