Questions about getting a medical marijuana card in PA

Can you help me register with the PA Department of Health?

Yes. Releaf Specialists is able to help the Patient, and if necessary; the Caregiver, register. In order for Releaf Specialists to be able to assist in registering, the following information is needed:

  • Valid PA Driver’s License or PA State Identification
  • An active email address
  • Telephone number

What type of documentation or records do I need to provide?

Records must document, or verify, that you have been diagnosed with 1 of the 23 qualifying conditions recognized by the PA Department of Health for Medical Marijuana use.
This information can be in the form of, but not limited to:

  • PCP, Therapist or Chiropractors medical records
  • Online health portal/chart documentation
  • An after visit summary report
  • Certifications of outpatient treatment. We encourage you to reach out to one of our friendly staff members to see if what you have will qualify you.

Do I need a referral or letter from my doctor?

No. The option to share your medical marijuana card holder information to your treating physicians is based solely on your discretion. As mentioned before, we only need to confirm your condition is active in your medical history as diagnosed by a licensed practitioner.

Is my Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card good at any dispensary in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania?

Yes! You can use your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card at any dispensary located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

How long is my dispensary card or certificate valid for?

The longest period permitted by the PA Department of Health is a 1-year term. Releaf Specialists will certify all patients for 1-year, unless a shorter period is requested by the patient.

Can I be a patient and a caregiver?

Yes. You will need to apply for both the Adult Patient and Caregiver status. You must comply with any/all requirements set forth in the application. Having both statuses does require you to have 2-cards; one for a patient and one for caregiver. You will also have to pay 2-state fees to have your cards issued.

Do you accept insurance?

No. Due to the federal status of marijuana we are unable to participate with insurance companies at this time. We do however except Health Saving Account cards (HSA) for payment associated to your evaluation.

What type of marijuana is available at the dispensary? Do I have to smoke it?

  • Flower - You can now buy marijuana flower or buds at the dispensary. However, combusting marijuana is illegal in Pennsylvania under the rules of the marijuana program. This means you can vaporize or vape your flower or use it to make other products. You cannot, however, smoke a bowl, joint, bong, or any other combustible method. Edibles
  • Traditional edibles like gummy bears or brownies, are not offered at the dispensary. There are however other oral types of oral consumables. They offer: * Pills or capsules * Tinctures, which can be dropped under the tongue * Rick Simpson Oil or RSo, which is a form of extraction using alcohol and heat to remove the alcohol. There are other types of extracted concentrates as well, such as live resin, shatter Vape pens/cartridges. There are a variety of vaporizer cartridges available, and most come in a universal cartridge referred to as a 510 battery which refers to the thread count on the cartridges.

Can you grow your own marijuana at home?

No. Under current regulations home growing is not permissible.

Is the medical marijuana the same as the street stuff?

Yes and no. The difference is the regulations in the medical marijuana program are more stringent and demand producers to meet high expectations and testing. This allows for a safe product to be distributed to a patient from a trusted source.

How much does it cost to get a MMJ card in Pennsylvania?

The cost to purchase a medical marijuana ID card in Pennsylvania is $50. Patients who participate in assistance programs including Medicaid, PACE/PACENET, CHIP, SNAP, and WIC may be eligible for reduced fees.

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