New to MMJ? Your Journey Is Safe With Us

New to MMJ? Your Journey Is Safe With Us

New to MMJ? Your Journey Is Safe With Us

August 25, 2020 by Releaf Specialists

New medical marijuana patients often feel overwhelmed with the array of products options at the dispensary. In Pennsylvania, you are not permitted to open any of the products in the retail location, so patients may feel lost and filled with frustration and questions.

At Releaf Specialists we are more than just certifying physicians, we are here to assist you on your journey with medical cannabis! That’s why we recently launched a YouTube Channel featuring educational videos to help patients navigate products, packaging, and general cannabis knowledge to help you find the best products for your needs.

This week Sam Wood from The Philadelphia Inquirer published an article, “New to medical marijuana? Curious? Here’s what experts say you should know,” and he discussed how finding the right ratio of THC to CBD is what patients need to determine first. The potency is different per patient, so start slow, and get to know terpenes, dozens of molecules that give cannabis its distinctive rainbow of aromas. They can boost efficacy through a phenomenon called “the entourage effect.” Once you are aware of what terpenes react well with you, even if the dispensary does not have the exact product you want in stock, you can find something similar based on the terpene profile.

Things to Consider

You do not need to fear that you’ll be selecting products without support! In PA, all new MMJ patients are required to see a pharmacist upon first visit. This allows you time to discuss other pharmaceuticals you may be taking, side effects to those meds that MMJ may be able to help with, and gives you time to ask questions from a medical professional. The dispensaries are also staffed with Patient Care Consultants that can discuss products with you too!

At Releaf we want you to feel supported and cared for during your journey to wellness with medical cannabis. Contact us anytime with your questions. Releaf starts here!